Having reached the end of my Kickstarter funded year working on the git-annex assistant, I've decided to try one more crowdfunding campaign, to see if I can get funded to work on it a little while longer. I went back and forth on this for a while. The Kickstarter funded development was extremely successful (one of the most productive years of my life). I certianly want to work on git-annex more, and have lots more stuff to do, particularly around security and encryption. On the other hand, it's hard to frame ongoing development as a normal Kickstarter campaign to start something new.

Anyway, I've decided to go ahead and try it, and not do it through Kickstarter this time. So I have my own website set up and accepting donations, and hopefully I'll make enough to spend a few more months working on git-annex.


... And if not, I'll probably spend a few months working on git-annex part time, while looking for paying work with the rest of my time.

By the way, I'm taking payments in both US Dollars (via Paypal) and Bitcoin (via Coinbase). Can't wait to see how this works out!

Joey, I'd like to contribute to further development but is there a chance for a FTP remote? There used to be a grayed-out option for "NAS appliance" in the previous versions of git-annex-webapp, which gave me some hope that i'll be able to use the 3TB of storage in my home NAS, but it's now completely gone. I really don't care about Windows support etc.
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Dear JoeyH: Way to go! I just sent you $150 worth of Bitcoin. When I get my 15 minutes^W^W24 hours of fame, please give a shout-out to https://LeastAuthority.com instead of to me, personally.

By the way, is the free storage service still working for you? We're about to announce our service to the wider world, because there are a lot of command-line loving geeks out there who are newly aware of the need for verifiable end-to-end security in their backup and hosting tech!

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@gdr The removal of the NAS option was only done as part of a UI cleanup, to only show things that exist. I still want to support NAS, and it's still on various TODO lists.

Have not investigated to know if supporting FTP is the path to that. It would be probably quite easy to make a hook special remote using ftp (involves writing 4 shell commands).

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@Zooko thanks!

I have not been pushing stuff onto tahoe lately. Just tried it, and when sending to tahoe, the git-annex checkpresent hook is getting a 410 gone (for files that were never stored in tahoe yet, but it still checks because its location tracking information may be temporarily inconsistent), which it doesn't know how to interpret, and so it gives up and doesn't store things there.

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