Interesting times.. While the big disasters are ongoing, little ones have been spicing up my life lately.

A pleasant week by the beach ended with a tropical storm passing over the beach house. I've never experienced this before, and though Andrea was diminished by passing over land, it was still more wind than I've ever seen. I love wind, and this was thrilling, right on the edge of danger but not quite there. At least, if you have sense to stay out of the water. Leaving the beach, I heard of someone who tried to go surfing that day, and drowned.

The night before last, I was startled to find nearly an inch of water seeping up from underneath the tile floor of the kitchen. Probably it has something to do with the pressure tank pumping system, which was repaired while I was away, and means I actually have indoor running water here. (Overrated.) This saw me scrambling to close every water valve, and out with a flashlight at 2 am closing the cutoff at the 1000 gallon water reservoir before it all drained into the house. While sopping up dozens of gallons of water from the floor at 3 am probably doesn't sound like fun, I found myself going through the motions elatedly.. Because this means I finally am coming to understand the source of the damp that infests the most earth-sheltered corner of this house. It's not condensation. It's bad plumbing!

Then yesterday, I went out to try a dip in the river, stopped by the neighborhood eatery and bait shop, and ended up sitting out on the back deck eating ribs and listening to a band with "possum playboys" in their name (which makes the full name fairly irrelevant), while looking out over the river and the old-timey green metal bridge. Which was unexpected fun, and the kind of thing you have to take in when it happens, but getting stuck in a newly installed hole in my driveway was not. My car was spinning, and I gave up and called it a night.

Here's the thing. I could feel my brain working on this stupid "underpowered car is stuck in a small rut" issue all night long. Same mental pathways activating that chew over bugs and design issues. Got up this morning with a set of plans and contingency plans all ready to go. The first one, of jacking it up and putting something under the tire was stymied; it seems I am missing a jack. But the second, of digging out all around the tire, and then filling in with gravel and cat litter (a tip from some offroading website I blearily surfed last night), and then riding the gas while releasing the bake, worked great.

All of which is to say, bring em on! But I still prefer my disasters in the form of software bugs.

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If you are stuck in a hole (or mud), you can also try to put a large rock under your tyre and along the path you plan to drive and gravel all around it. The large stone will provide traction, the small stones around it will make sure it can't move around a lot and the other larger stones in your path continue to provide traction, lock against the other large ones, and will distribute your weight to the gravel underneath.
Comment by Richard