My house has a 1kw primary solar panel array. I installed it on the roof myself.

There's also an old array of 4 64 watt solar panels, though it's over 20 years old and produces less than 128 watts now. (Now used only for pumping water).

The primary array is four Astronergy 260 watt panels, mounted on IronRidge XR100 rails.

The charge controller is a Tracer4215BN. A modbus to usb adapter lets the house's computer read data from it.

The batteries are 4 golf cart batteries. That's not a lot, it's sized to get me through about 12 hours overnight. Since batteries are the part of a PV system that wears out and has to be replaced, I want to minimize the number I use as much as possible.

The solar panels produce as little as 140 watt-hours on the rainiest days, which is a lean day and limits my use of the more power hungry stuff, but no problem from time to time. On a typical cloudy day they'll produce 500+ watt-hours, which is all that I need to run everything.

Total cost of my PV system was around $3000 in 2017. ($2000 after tax rebates.)

Graphs of my PV data are here.