This is my list of machine names that I use or have used, recorded here so I can pick new names without overlap. My current naming scheme (first described here) names machines after living things with some broad divisions for different types of machines.

Machines marked with a {*} are in active use.


Mostly mythical creatures.


Mostly birds.

small machines


wireless routers

Flying insects.


  • beaver {*} (Dad's)
  • sparrow
  • penguin
  • mouse {*} (Maggie's)

functional names

  • digi
  • phone
  • sat
  • labswitch

test machines

Large herbovores.

  • donkey
  • bison
  • zebra
  • elephant
  • cow
  • pegasus
  • ox

Small amphibians.

  • frog (bitsyxb)
  • toad (bitsyg5)