Moving kite to wren, one piece at a time.

  1. services:
    1. [X] passwd
    2. [X] mail
      1. [X] postfix
      2. [X] mailman
      3. [X] greylisting
      4. [X] spamassassin
      5. [X] virus scanning
      6. [X] maildrop setup
      7. [X] imap
      8. [X] pop3 (used?)
      9. [X] fetchmail
      10. [X] sqwebmail
      11. [X] r2e
      12. [X] joey's mail archive machinery
    3. [_] dns
      1. [X] set refresh and ttl low
      2. [X] replicate to wren
      3. [X] set wren as secondary
      4. [X] switch wakko's and overfiend's dns to use wren for their domains
      5. [X] switch wren to primary
      6. [X] remove kite as secondary
        1. now using stork as secondary
      7. [X] point to wren
      8. [_] turn off recursion on wren's server
      9. [_] modify my various hosts that used kite as a recursive name server to use something else
    4. [X] home directories
      1. [X] mine
        1. [X] svn checkout
        2. [X] need to sync ~/lib/debian
        3. [X] need to sync ~/Maildir
        4. [X] need to move rest of crontab over
      2. [X] others
        1. [X] initial sync
        2. [X] resync at end
    5. [X] shell
      1. [X] resource limits
      2. [X] pine, nano
      3. [X] sysnews
      4. [X] d-i daily builds
      5. [X] /usr/local/bin
        1. (copied, except for junk like rnano -- what was that?)
      6. [X] user cron jobs
        1. [X] me
        2. [X] errol
    6. [X] web
      1. [X]
        1. [X] user home directories
        2. [X] mailman and list archives
        3. [X] cgis
          1. [X] analog
          2. [X] viewcvs
          3. [X] sqwebmail
      2. [X]
      3. [X]
      4. [X]
      5. [X]
      6. [X]
      7. [X] other minor hostnames
      8. [X] sqwebmail
    7. [X] svn
      1. [X] ikiwiki
      2. [X] mooix
      3. [X] etc
      4. [X] joey
      5. [X] joey-extra
      6. [X] joeywiki
      7. [X] kyle-familywiki
      8. [X] maggiewiki
      9. [X] placewiki
      10. [X] updo
      11. [X] uqm
      12. [X] web
    8. [X] ftp (kyle)
    9. [X] backup target (anna)
      1. (moved to chicken)
    10. [_] telnet (not needed)
    11. [X] dircproxy
    12. [X] leafnode
  2. misc todo
    1. [_] Need to set dns ttl's back to old numbers when done.
  3. Dependencies
    1. mail and shell have to move together
    2. dns can't move until last since is a glue record
    3. web is loosely tied to shell for a few users and depends on home dir sync
    4. web needs to move at the same time as some svn, so that local checkouts for ikiwiki instances work (now fixed in ikiwiki though so remote are ok)
    5. web needs dns changed to point to wren, which affects everything else!
    6. unless web is set up to redirect all pages to
      1. (would that work for rss feeds though?)
  4. svn needs a working mail server for commit announcements
  5. Plan:
    1. [X] first let wren run for a week or two, general setup and settle in
    2. [X] move svn and web first, along with setting up anna's account for her web stuff
    3. [X] final move
      1. [X] turn off postfix accepting mail on kite
      2. [X] let mail queue finish sending mail on kite
      3. [X] final rsync of home dirs
      4. [X] set up other services on wren
      5. [X] point dns to wren