I enjoy caving responsibly, though not often. Caves I've been in:

  • Unnamed small caves off in the woods near Ot Bay's.
  • Bristol Caverns. Tame & boring.
  • Quarry cave at Steele Creek. I've pushed back through the dirt a few feet.
  • Whatever cave we went to at Cedar Creek. Lots of fun at the time, always wished I went back and did the bit where you plunge underwater to the rest of the cave.
  • J4 in Pennsylvania. Big sprawling cave with lots of tight crawls, (including the initial crawl in through a 2 foot pipe, and "the birth canal"), and some interesting climbs and traverses. At least one really gorgeous room. I've mirrored a map of it from nodivisions.

  • Deerbone in Pennsylvania. Fun rappel entrance,
  • Coonscat in Pennsylvania. A muddy hole in the bank next to a road, that turns into a suprisingly fun (if muddy all the way) cave.
  • That unnamed cave near Margaret Fierabend's in Bristol that they destroyed most of to make a Wal Mart.
  • Talgua Cave (aka the Cave of the Glowing Skulls) in Honduras, near Catacamas. Only saw the tamed part, including a glimpse up at the burial chamber. Visited with a 60+ year old Nun, to add to the crazy Monkey-Island-ness of it all.