In adapting Kaxxt to Icehouce, I made at least these changes:

  • Kaxxt attacks for 3, not 5 points of damage (so the large pieces can block him). And shield are correspondingly adjusted to starting at 30, not 50 points.
  • Originally, both a roll of 3 and a roll of 4 were a green laser. There were no yellow lasers. Not sure if the more common green lasers were intended to be a strategy complication?
  • Got rid of the modifier cards that controlled whether a beam reflected to attack Kaxxt for additional points, or how many points of shields to replenish. Intead, added black pyramids to replenish shields.
  • Originally, a card of the right color blocked or redirected the whole beam; I added the concept that part of it can get through depending on the size of pyramid.
  • As a consequence of that, I allow beams to be split in two, and it's actually possible to shoot 2 points at one player, and 1 point at a different player.
  • Originally, nothing was said about how players got cards. Probably they drew one at a time. I introduced drawing the pyramids out of a bag because I keep mine in a little bag for portability, and it seemed to work well.