Place Kaxxt in the middle of the table. He will spin around to target players and shoot laser beams to attack them.

Each player starts with 30 shield points. Kaxxt also starts with 30 shield points. When your shield reaches 0, you're out. To win, either destroy Kaxxt, or be the last player standing.

Start by choosing who Kaxxt will attack first (oldest player is a good choice), and turn Kaxxt to target that player. It's now that player's turn.

On your turn, you can draw an pyramid at random from a bag. (You're allowed to feel them to pick a size you want! Probably the biggest you can find..) You can then play that pyramid in front of you to try to block Kaxxt's attack. You can also rearrange any other pyramids you have.

Then roll the die to see what happens.

  1. Kaxxt fires a red laser.
  2. Kaxxt fires a blue laser.
  3. Kaxxt fires a green laser.
  4. Kaxxt fires a yellow laser.
  5. Turn Kaxxt to retarget a different player, and re-roll to attack them!
  6. Kaxxt directly attacks.

If a laser beam hits you, it does 3 points of damage. Laser beams can be blocked by pyramids. Kaxxt's direct attack cannot be blocked, and does 3 points of damage. And once the supply of pyramids runs out, Kaxxt's attacks do 6 points of damage.

After Kaxxt attacks, he turns clockwise to target the next player, and play passes to them.