When Kaxxt fires a laser at a you, pyramids you've placed directly in between him and you can redirect the beam, so it doesn't hit you. When a laser beam is not completly redirected by the pyramids, it hits you and damages your shield by the number of points of power remaining in the beam.

Red, blue, green, and yellow pyramids redirect laser beams of matching colors. When a laser beam hits a pyramid, from any direction, it is redirected to come out the point of the pyramid.

3 point red laser beam bouncing 3 point red beam partly bouncing green laser beam not bouncing red laser beam redirected right

The size of pyramid (and the number of dots on a side) correspond to how much of a laser beam it can redirect. Large pyramids can redirect all 3 points of the laser beam Kaxxt fires, but smaller pyramids let some of the beam pass by and hit you.

The direction the pyramid points controls where the beam goes.

  • A pyramid pointing at Kaxxt redirects the laser back toward him.
  • A pyramid pointing to the left or right redirects the laser to the next player in that direction (going around the table if necessary).
  • If a pyramid is standing upright, it redirects the laser away from everyone.
  • Pyramids can not be pointed diagonally.

Pyramids can be stacked, with a large pyramid on the bottom and a small (or equal sized) pyramid on top. When the bottom pyramid catches a laser beam, it sends it out its tip, and through the other pyramid. This changes the color of the beam to match the color of the second pyramid. The pyramids must nested in a stack for the beam to change color like this. Just pointing one pyramid at another does not change the color of the beam. The size of the pyramid on top does not matter.

Black pyramids recharge your shield. But they can't be put directly in the way of an unfiltered laser beam and have an effect. Instead, they must have beams fed into them by one of your colored pyramids. For example a 2 point black pyramid stacked with a 3 point red pyramid absorbs 2 points of a beam, and uses it to recharge your shield. The rest of the laser beam continues past it.

The above rules also apply when another player redirects a beam to you from the left or the right. But there is a small difference between a beam fired down by Kaxxt and beams redirected from other platers. Kaxxt's laser beam can only be redirected by pyramids directly in a line between Kaxxt and you. Lasers coming at you from the left or right can be redirected by any matching color pyramid in front of you.