In scroll, you're a bookworm that's stuck on a scroll. You have to dodge between words and use spells to make your way down the page as the scroll is read. Go too slow and you'll get wound up in the scroll and crushed.

scroll was developed in 7 days during the 2015 7drl challenge. It is written in Haskell.

BTW, scroll is also a functional unix file pager, like less or more.

build scroll from source

Git repository

Requires ncurses, on Linux or Similar.

To build, first install the Haskell Stack, and then clone the git repository and inside it, run:

stack exec scroll

You can also use stack install to install it.

Scroll is also available in NixOS!

nix-env -i scroll


version 1.20180421
version 1.20170122
version 1.20151219
scroll tutorial screencast
version 1.20150323
version 1.20150314
7drl 2015 day 7 scroll success
7drl 2015 day 6 must add more
7drl 2015 day 5 type directed spell system development
7drl 2015 day 4 coding through exhaustion
7drl 2015 day 3 movement at last
7drl 2015 day 2 level generation and game concept
7drl 2015 day 1 groundwork


When you start reading on your kindle after playing your game for ten minutes, you start thinking you're a worm looking for holes.... :-) -- Anna

Entertaining and addictive ! Thanks ! -- Anon

I really enjoyed munching my way through gplv2 -- Chris

this has been possibly the first game I've played using telnet that didn't make me want to shoot my face off -- Anon

great game once you get the hang of it
I <3 Haskell :D -- Anon

addictive .. seems like the birth of a classic -- simonkwmichael

7drl review

Overall score: 2.17 out of 3

Scroll has an interesting idea but seems to fall afoul of its own inventiveness. -- reviewer 1

[...] the environment is very mutable and you have to play around with it in order to escape. That on its own makes this a RL worth checking out. -- reviewer 2

It's somewhat fun at first, but after awhile searching combinations of letters in a wall of text becomes tiresome. -- reviewer 3

Many thanks to all the reviewers! --Joey


game designer thoughts

<paroneayea> through a rogue lens, all texts are adventures.