sleepd is a daemon to to put a laptop to sleep if it is not being used or if the battery is low.

It supports HAL, APM, and ACPI, although external programs must be used to actually put the system to sleep.

There is a Debian sleepd package, or you can download it from git (git://

I am not longer maintaining sleepd.


version 2.05

sleepd 2.05 released with these changes

  • [ Joey Hess ]
    • Stop building with flash-in-the-pan HAL. Instead update acpi interface to use /sys/class/power_supply. Note that this needs acpica_version 20011018. Closes: #613169, #678966 (Patch developed by Andrew Shadura.)
    • Orphaned the package.
  • [ Andrew Shadura ]
    • Add UPower support.
    • Use Debhelper 9, so we can have hardening flags automatically.
version 1.13

sleepd 1.13 released with these changes

  • Avoid crash by ignoring high irqs greater than 254 (assumption is these will not be irqs we care about). Thanks, Jeff Strunk.
  • Debhelper 7, minimal rules file.
  • Update copyright file.
version 1.12

sleepd 1.12 released with these changes

  • Write status back out to control file when resume from manual sleep causes sleeping to be re-enabled, so that sleepctl will see the correct status in this case. Closes: #501708