wmbattery.gif Wmbattery displays the status of your laptop's battery in a small icon. This includes if it is plugged in, if the battery is charging, how many minutes of battery life remain, battery life remaining (with both a percentage and a graph), and battery status (high - green, low - yellow, or critical - red).

There's nothing in the program that makes it require WindowMaker, except maybe the look. It can be docked in WindowMaker or Afterstep's dock.

Wmbattery is based heavily on wmapm by Chris D. Faulhaber.

Wmapm is a nice program - why have I modified it into wmbattery? Here are some improvements in wmbattery:

  • Improved icon layout. I crammed the same information into less space while making the icon more elegant and visually pleasing (IMHO).
  • Easier to drag onto dock.
  • It consumes a little less memory.
  • Uses only 10 colors.
  • ACPI support, including multiple battery support and battery charging completion countdown timer.
  • HAL support.
  • Support for getting battery status from the sonypi driver instead of APM, for some Sony laptops that do not have apm support.
  • Can make its own estimatess of time remaining or time until full charge, even if APM does not.

I have passed on maintenance of wmbattery to Doug Torrance, and it has a new home page here: http://windowmaker.org/dockapps/?name=wmbattery

(My old and no longer maintained git repository: git://git.joeyh.name/zzattic/wmbattery)

I posted some thoughts and history about wmbattery to my blog a while ago.


version 2.43

wmbattery 2.43 released with these changes

  • Orphaned the package. It will probably be removed as it does not work with current kernels.
  • Added -i to display as icon. Thanks, Tovar Closes: #732398
version 2.42

wmbattery 2.42 released with these changes

  • Stop building with flash-in-the-pan HAL. Instead update acpi interface to use /sys/class/power_supply. Note that this needs acpica_version 20011018. Closes: #613166 (Patch developed by Andrew Shadura.)
  • Also added support for upower, which is used by default, to avoid chasing kernel sysfs changes. (Patch developed by Andrew Shadura.) Closes: #727102
version 2.41

wmbattery 2.41 released with these changes

  • Accumulated packaging modernizations. Closes: #666370