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Redistribution and use in source and compiled forms, with or without modification, are permitted under any circumstances. No warranty.

These license terms does not apply to the content of https://joeyh.name/pics/ which is content aggregated from elsewhere, or to pages that are aggregating RSS etc feeds from elsewhere.

Note that the above is written to appease people who feel that the copyright regime must be taken seriously when it comes to things posted on the internet for the express purpose of being viewed by others on the internet.

I don't subscribe to that viewpoint myself. I do enjoy the legal hack of copyleft licenses, as applied to free software. But, when it comes to basic human communications online, such as this website, I prefer to consider reality:

To get from my server to your screen, these very words have been copied and re-copied dozens and dozens of times, and have been broken apart, modified, reassembled, used as inputs for complicated processes that produced derivative works and combined them with other inputs licensed under other, possibly conflicting licenses. This happens no matter what license anything is under. It's how networks and computers work.

If you don't like that, you shouldn't post your stuff online. If you post your stuff online and think some license can prevent such things, think again.
I love it. Copy away!