I live in an offgrid house and do a lot of offgrid stuff. This happened kind of by accident, not due to any ideological problem with being ongrid.

In the early 2000's, I left silicon valley and spent 5 or 6 years living in fairly rough conditions in an old farm. There was power, but I got used to heating with mostly wood and hauling water, and found I liked it. I also learned that a quiet place like that was great for my productivity and mental wellbeing.

In 2010 I had to opportunity to rent an old offgrid house for $120/month. All its offgrid systems were ancient and crufty; the batteries were super old, the solar panels were from the 90's and hail damaged besides. There was no running water.

But the bones were good. The house was designed similar to an Earthship, though an adaption for a moister climate. It was mostly passively solar heated and cooled.

I lived here first part-time and later full time for 7 years, did minor improvements to the solar power system but mostly learned ways to live with very minimal power while still working as a computer programmer.

Then I had to opportunity to purchase the house, and since then I've been upgrading its systems to the state described in these pages.