advogato 45-2000-07-02-00-00

Playing way too much nethack. I seem to have finally learned how to get to level 9 or 10 without dying, and so I've played a couple of pretty long games the past 2 days, and was just crowned for the first time. This is addicting..

advogato 46-2000-07-14-00-00


I got no sleep last night, and only a few hours this evening. Insomnia again.

I got my laptop's video carmera working, thanks to Tridge. Very exciting.

I just re-read a very moving and uplifting book, and old favorite of mine that always puts me in a weird mood at the end. (I've been known to move cross-country and change everything after reading this book.)

And I'm extremly annoyed about something I can't mention here.

All in all, a confused welter of mental states.

advogato 48-2000-07-26-00-00

Today was a day of many words and little code.

First I had to respond to this securityfocus article, which required 3 hours of research. It sure is hard to find something simple like the release dates of past versions of Red Hat. The information is out there, but it's not indexed at all.

Then I had to write Debian Weekly News. Most weeks I have at least a little done by tuesday, but I had nothing this week, and everone in Debian kindly announced things today so I had to scramble (and read 1500 emails too). TC3! Yay!

Finally, around 9 pm, I had time for a little coding. I've been working on writing my own wiki, and yesterday I finished the html input/sanitization/word wrapping/indenting peice of it. It uses tidy in the backend, plus a custom library to fully sanitize html (killing the javascript and so on), and works quite well -- several pegs up from advogato's engine. Killed the last kinks in that, and did a few more bits and peices.