I've been sucked into this alternate reality game, "The Lost Ring", which involves 6 people who woke up with amnesia in labyrinths around the world, blindfolded, with a tattoo "Trovu la ringon perditan". It involves a lost Olympic sport, lots of Greek mythology and history, and lots of puzzles and detective work.

Currently 26 pages of a codex are being tracked down from hiding places all around the world, with ones in Cardiff and Austin recovered over the past few days, one in Shanghai that I hope will be reached soon, and a location just discovered in Stockholm (in a bread store!), that someone needs to go check out.

(Update: Jon read about it in my blog and went and got photos! page 1 page 2.)

This is the first time I've played an alternate reality game, but the way the story is told, through blogs, podcasts, youtube videos, email with the characters, and recovered documents like this, is quite compelling.

Also interesting is all the use of Esperanto, as well as characters who speak Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese, so that translation is an ongoing part of the game.