Guess it's really been longer than a year that haskell has been on my mind, though not much lately. Things are aligning again. I'll shortly be visiting the Bay Area again -- last time I piled up haskell documentation for the plane trip. This time I'm looking forward to the Real World Haskell book waiting in the mailbox when I get back.

I read and commented on the first several draft chapters, hoping my ignorance would be useful, and I know one of the authors (though if I'm not mistaken I've never met him). So I'm looking forward to reading it, but also feeling guilty that I haven't managed to do anything serious with haskell yet. No new project that I dared, or had the patience, to attempt in it. But that's what the book's supposed to solve. Getting over the gap from a basic understanding to being able to add the language as another tool in the kit.

And hey, it's better than seriously learning javascript would be, right?

Right now I can't think about haskell without thinking about Buddhism. I won't bore you with why they're connected in my head.