Here are some tricks that you can use to ensure that your announcement to debian-devel-announce has maximal negative utility.

hide who's talking

Make sure that your announcement does not start off by making clear who's speaking. The announcement will have a From line with your name on it, and that's good enough. Everyone knows who you are, what groups you're a member of, and can guess what group you're speaking for ... or whether you're just speaking for yourself.

Throughout the annoucement, be use to use terms like "We plan", "let us describe", "we are considering", "This is where our proposal comes in.", etc.

Maybe in a footnote include a clue such as a mention of "the NM-Committee", but be sure to not sign the announcement with the name of any group or team or set of people, so that the reader is left guessing about who this "we" is all the way to the end and beyond.

(And hey, "cabal" is a fun word.)

weasel words

Scatter throughout the announcement some vaguely worded digs at things you disagree with. The key here is to make clear what you really mean, while providing enough plausible deniability that you can deny having said it later.

So you might say ...

Some time ago a few Developers thus went and pushed forward the "Debian Maintainer" status.

... Thus implying that this was a few malcontents who should be ignored. Sure, the whole project voted for this, and so you should be sure to allude to that vote somewhere else. Maybe in a different paragraph entirely, you could refer to "Debian Maintainers (DM) [GR-DM]". (It would be excessive to have that footnote refer to a bogus url like

the big lie

Make sure that your announcement starts off all bright and cheery on the surface, with just a hint of deadly steel jaws underneath. Something like:

If you are an existing Debian Developer or Debian Maintainer, don't be afraid, we are not going to take anything away from you.

Natter on for many, many pages of trivilities, good ideas, bad ideas, half-baked ideas, conflicting acronyms, and useless footnotes. Then spring the trap:

In future this will be a list maintained by the NM-committee. At the time of migrating from the old to the new way, Ftpmaster will convert the existing DM-Upload-Allowed fields into that list, so there  should be no interruption in your ability to upload.

And ability to upload is all that matters. Who cares about the regression back to the tyranny of unix permissions? Who cares that DDs won't be able to decide when they trust a DM to upload their package, or that DMs won't be able to sign up quickly and easily, or that DMs will have to petition a disinterested committe to change anything?

Nothing will have changed, nothing will be taken away, nothing to see here, move along: The big lie.