I certainly hated lua with ion, but I haven't invested the time to learn awesome yet. Seems like that might have been the right idea, or I'd have hit the same 2-3 issues you have (I never got as far as ion3, as all my barely-understood lua config files from ion2 failed to work in 3. History repeating?) -- ?JonDowland

Add to the list: Can't figure out how to duplicate tag 0 functionality. sigh.

The awesome mailing list is a great place to bring stuff like this up. It's a pretty young project still. Julien is pretty open to adding new features if they are good ones...

Ok, finally duplicated sending a window to all (numeric) tags:

keybinding({ modkey, "Control", "Shift" }, 0,
       function ()
          if client.focus then
         t = awful.tag.selected(client.focus.screen)
         for i = 1, keynumber do
            st = tags[client.focus.screen][i]
            if st and t ~= st then

(and wtf? I can't type a tab in FF? augh.)