view of Manhatten, Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island from helicopter

In a few hours I will be catching the train for home. It's been a great DebConf, and a thrilling visit to New York. I'm especially happy with how well my CUT BoF went, and that we launched Branchable.

As usual, DebConf is inspiring. I'm leaving with a scary new todo list:

  • Form CUT team, design document, begin work on first cut release.
  • 3.0 (git) source should default to a depth-1 shallow clone that includes only tags of released versions of the package.
  • Add a sd foreign replica: git. So git commit messages can manipulate bug info.
  • Deploy monkeysphere for all my ssh servers, and file UI bugs.
  • Integrate monkeysphere into Branchable.
  • Join monkeysphere project?
  • Integrate libravatar into ikiwiki.
  • Watch 20-some hours of recorded talks I missed!
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