daylight savings time idiocy

Just found out about this, which will presumably keep Debian swamped with users with systems that need updating for the new DST for many months, if Congress does pass it:

Daylight saving time is going to be extended by four weeks to shorten the
winter, lengthen the summer and save energy.

If only they'd redefine pi again while they were at it, we could save even more energy not writing all those decimal places down.

"Kids across the nation will soon rejoice with the extended daylight on
Halloween night that will allow for an additional hour of trick or
treating," Upton said.

Yeah, I'll bet the kida in Alaska love putting on their Harry Potter robes and going outside into the nice spooky .. 24 hour sunlight! Did you know they observe daylight savings time in Alaska too? Crazy.

Personally, I'm with Click and Clack on this one.