Debian founder not allowed on Planet Debian?

Ian Murdock wonders why he was removed from Planet Debian. Since I've appreciated seeing him blog, even though I don't entirely grok what Progeny is trying to do with their componentised linux, I had a look at the cvs log:

revision 1.19
date: 2005/04/29 22:47:33;  author: keybuk;  state: Exp;  lines: +32 -2
remove imurdock, from many complaints

And this in the config:

Removed, 2005-04-30

-- please provide a feed without Progeny advertising content


name = Ian Murdock

It's weird that Ian apparently did not get an email about this before being summarily yanked from the aggregator. IIRC he does not have access to read the above file, so I hope this helps him figure out how to get back on.

I also hope that talking about one's work in a given derived Debian distribution for one post out of 15 is not so annyoing to the Planet Debian readers that it is really reason to be removed from the aggregator. After all, Ian is not the only one to talk about work on derived Debian distros. And I do read Ian's posts as discussing his work; he's just working on stuff at Progeny on a high and a broad and also a marketing level.

(Oh, and BTW, Ian -- you're soo wrong about daylight savings time. That's the one thing that ever made me want to live in Indiana. Besides, zoneinfo in sarge will be broken..)