Summer crept up behind me and has been beating my about the head and shoulders all week. It's hot (95+ F / 35 C in the shade). I've been slowly adapting back to hot-weather mode, but with the suddenness of the onslaught, it's been hard to keep up.

It's easy to get annoyed at hot weather -- like one of pterry's trolls, I know I am a tenth as good a coder in the summer. And I choose not to have air conditioning at home, so if I need to get back to peak performance for something, I have walk downtown to the coffee shop or library or someplace air-conditioned.

But this weather is good for the bigger, longer-term thoughts (aka lazing about). And I know I can adapt. Yesterday I hiked in to Abrams Falls, and the heat didn't bother me at all, and just made sitting and meditating under the falls even better. Then I climbed up to the top of the falls and waded all the way back up the creek.

Today, I got out in the peak heat of the day and hauled in and unpacked 300 pounds of gear. More on that in a few days..