I hate writing titles

I spent part of today in town at the internet cafe and errands, and the rest was routine d-i work. I'm still working on partman, now getting it to offer autopartitioning first to simplify the install some.

Reading lately has been Haldeman, Barnes and Michner. Unfortunatly, The_Hemmingway_Hoax wanders down the tired trap of incomprehensible time travel paradox. Although the reversed time sequences are some of the better I've read. Candle is not my favorite Barnes, but better than some. Better than the ones that involve time travel paradox, come to think of it. Meanwhile, Alaska is a strange mix of stright historical account and fiction, and I have trouble telling where the dividing line is. It's also insanely long.

I'm reading Alaska on paper, and I had a weird moment where I thought, "Hmm, a map might be nice right about here, it's a pity this book is a plain-text ebook". And then looked at the physical book in front of me. If this tells me anything, it's that I've succeeded in moving to ebooks.

Since switching to emailed RSS feeds for 75% of the web sites I used to visit, I spend a lot less time on keeping up, and I'm looking for more useful feeds. I've added the BBC, cannot find a weather or news feed for any city within 300 miles though. There's probably a market here.

Oh and I may actually pay slashdot money if they put the full article texts in their currently useless RSS feed. Maybe. I know I would pay LWN for this, but they never answered my mail about it.