Looking through the list of IkiwikiUsers, as well as the other users I'm aware of who arn't listed there, there's an interesting split in how it's being used. Half of the sites using ikiwiki are full-fledged wikis that anyone can edit, with a RecentChanges page, etc. And half are "static" web pages. There are a few outliers, such as sites that allow editing, but only by commits to a RCS. If I leave out sites that I set up, the numbers are more like 40% wikis, 60% static. Many new sites seem to be static, while many of the old ones are wikis.

I hope this doesn't mean that it's too hard to set up the CGI side of ikiwiki. If it is, I should fix that. I'm hoping that it just means that my users are doing that interesting thing that software users do, and finding uses for it that its author didn't completly envision.