importing old advogato blog entries

Long before I got my own blog, in fact back before I knew what I blog was, used advogato for an online diary. Today I finally took the time to import that data.

Advogato could make this easier if they had a way to get a full RSS feed of a blog. Perhaps they do and I didn't look hard enough, I didn't find anything on google either. As it is, I had to write a quick web spider/converter. Seemed to work ok, although some relative links to pages on advogato are broken. Oh well, that's a project for another day. This is why I prefer to control my own data even for things like a weblog.

(Update: Sigh, I forgot about advogato's xml-rpc interface, which would be the clean and close to right way to do it. Too late now.)

Anyhow, all the old entries can be found in my blog, starting here.