For the first time, I have working ipv6 to both my main servers as well as my home network using 6to4. That's nice, what's driving me insane is that while I seem to have radvd set up properly on my OpenWRT system here at home, none of the boxes on the network are autoconfiguring their ipv6 addresses. And linux doesn't offer any way to debug this that I know of, besides logging the rather useless "wlan0: no IPv6 routers present". radvdump shows the clients can see the advertisements, which look ok. All the kernel parameters look ok. If I manually set up an address on the clients it works. So why is linux ignoring radvd? No idea, no way to tell..


Getting ipv6 client autoconfiguration to work on linux seems like a bit of a black art. You're think you could just load ipv6, take an interface down and back up (or even just wait for radvd to broadcast) and have autoconfiguration just work. This does not seem to be the case, after beating my head against this for several hours with no success I finally rebooted my laptop and it's now doing autoconfiguration.

No such luck with my desktop and nslu2, despite reboots and poking. And something strange is going on, since twice I've seen dhclient clear autoconfigured ipv6 settings from an interface.

Update 2:

Fixed. Turns out I hit Debian bug #410375.