I've followed AJ's experiment in funding free software development with his AJ Market with interest and have thrown money in the pot once or twice for some of the projects I care about. It's an interesting approach.

I'm too lazy to do anything like that, or rather, I'm already paid sufficiently to work on free software that doing a joeyh market would too much resemble work. However, I did decide to try something I've seen done occasionally, since I also wonder how that works out -- I added a paypal donations button to the website for one piece of free software. Just as a test, to see if it annoys anyone, and if anyone bothers clicking on it.

I chose alien since it's well known, regularly used by a large number of people and even appears on the first page of otherwise quite amusing results on a google search for "alien". (I suppose that adding google ads to the page would generate more money, but in a probably less interesting way.)

Unlike AJ, I won't promise that clicking on the link will motivate me to work on anything. In fact, the most likely use of any money I get from this will be to pass the buck along to the AJ market or something similar.