Back from seeing Mountain Stage record a radio show at the Paramount. Dale Jett, Tim O'Brien, the attack mandalin and bass of the Yonder Mountain String Band, Odetta (who has a commanding presence onstage even before she speaks), and Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys. Great fun watching Larry Groce croud them all onstage at the end and arrange an song on the spur of the moment.

First time I've been to a radio show. Got me thinking to one of the first times I remember being struck by something on the radio, when we were driving up to the tobacco warehouse one night in Abington in Silas's truck, with its noxious chaw spit can, and I heard this ethereal mountian voice coming out of the radio, sounded 50 years ago and at the same time so immediate. Could have been Ralph Stanley, come to think..

After the show, I humped a dorm-style cube fridge half an hour downhill thru the woods in the dark. But that's a different story..