Forking debhelper is apparently so much fun that everyone is doing it.

Of course, Ubuntu continues to make changes to debhelper with no regard to the possible consequences, no matter how often I point out that this is a dreadful idea. Today I noticed (it's not like they bother to tell me) that they have added a dh_iconcache command to it, so presumably various Ubuntu packages cannot build with Debian's version of debhelper, and if I decide to add a different dh_iconcache command to it, things might build but incorrectly.

To add to the fun, the version of debhelper in Debian unstable is now forked from what I guess I have to consider the "upstream" debhelper, since it got NMUed. This fork modifies dh_python in ways that, if I decide I don't like, I will have to either painfully carry forward or break a lot of stuff to get rid of. The reason it was NMUed is because I'm not interested in debhelper being in the middle of the senseless conflict between python-central and python-support. (It's a good time to be a perl user BTW. TMTOWTDI?)

All this is not very much motivation for me to continue to work on this stuff, but we'll see I guess.