Just some stuff I've been rotting my mind with late at night lately..

  • The British reality series Shipwrecked (of all things!!) is the only reality TV I've ever really enjoyed beyond the first few seasons of the Amazing Race. I enjoy it for many low reasons, plus it tickles a sociological interest, without being real enough for that to be anything but an idle entertainment. But the best parts are that many of the people don't treat it as a game (especially the thirdies after 3 months), and that they seem to have come up with a format this season that can never be done again. So, mind rotting entertainment with a built-in expiration date, and a pesudo-intellectual tang. What's not to like?

  • David Gerrold's Jumping Off The Planet channels Heinlein basically perfectly, modulo being written for a comtemporary audience. Sorry, Spider, I know you tried, but I could actually hear RAH talking in the pages of this juvenile.

  • The Website Is Down is both the funniest and the most depressing web video ever. Meanwhile, the mini-documentary Possessed explores a trap that's hardwired into us -- I wish that other human foibles could be highlighted like this does, because if you identify with the people in it at all, you'll change. (If you still can.)