Even if I did nothing else this summer, I feel like I could look back on just today and feel that I'd a long summer full of lots of summer fun. Maybe that's how memory works for me, suddenly I'm fully aware and stashing away every instant, as we jounce down Anna's very rutted and muddy road, in a trailer pulled by a four-wheeler. Later, taking a swim in the creek, I find that Lucy loves to chase splashes as they arc through the air, and try to catch them in her mouth. I get the dog to bound higher and higher out of the water, and then dissolve in a puddle of hilarity. Then I find out she also likes to chase gravel thrown into the creek. We do this for an hour or so, and I find a very strangly shaped rock, that turns out to have metal in it. There was also grilling of every vegetable that could be pulled out of the garden, and lots of hard work loading many loads of cinderblocks into that trailer.

Now I'm in my tent enjoying the rain and adding alsa support to hotkeys.