In the woods on a chilly day. I've been walking around enjoying ice covered waterfalls and creek. I was up late last night reading Julain Dibbell's My Tiny Life, and wandering around a deserted LamdaMOO as Rosy Guest, finding some of the places in the book still there with little change over a decade later.

This was engrossing, but mostly depressing, I kept finding too many parallels to things I don't like about the communities I'm active in online. I was on LambdaMOO briefly myself ten years ago, but only long enough to decide I needed to set up my own moo so I could freely build. Reading this book makes me glad I missed all the drama.

I didn't realize how cold it was last night until the heat just wouldn't stay off, though I had it on the lowest setting. Having the heat on explains why I woke up with a scratchy eye and stuffed nose -- but not why only one side of my face was affected and the other side fine.

Brr, my hands are getting cold..