Sitting next to the fire after heating up fajitas for dinner. Making sure that no hot coals make it over to the canvas topped yurt. Maybe I should have made the fire further off. I've gotten 1/3 of the way through Anathem, and Neal Stephenson has thoroughly hooked me now. I know I won't have enough battery power to read all I'd like to tonight. But for now, I've been enjoying the evening, which has been unusually long today. Maybe it's a remnant of Hurricane Ike that's led to such a cool, cloudy day, but it's seemed to be on the verge of dusk for hours.

Someone asked if the yurt has wifi. Nope, but I measured the distance today, and at 400 feet it's too far for cat 5 ethernet w/o a repeater.

Anyway, I seem to be in a very good frame of mind for starting Anathem, and am enjoying its take on the Long Now. Out at the falls this weekend I kept imagining how they'd change in geologic time, tracking where the water seemed to have fallen earler, downstream. And sitting up under the overhang of the falls, was briefly nervous about it coming down (as it will in oh, a few thousand years perhaps), before getting back into the present moment.