I just bought 5 copies of the Official Catholic Directory Anno Domini 2005. It's a big book - 4 pounds. Sadly it's the paperback, not the fancy hardbound version. But I own Amazon's entire stock. Because it cost 2 cents a book, and I needed exactly 10 cents added to my order to get free shipping.

To make up for this gross excess, I'd really like to find something useful to do with the 4 copies of this book I won't use. Yeah, I'm actually interested enough in looking up obscure Honduran churches and poring over province maps and necrology indexes to maybe justify one copy. (No, not Catholic!)

For the rest, I need something better than trying to resell it on Amazon for $578.54 as several other people are cunningly attempting to do.

Something better than, well, TP.

I suppose I could hollow it out and hide a computer in it, and sell that for $578.54.

Still brainstorming...

Update: 11 April 2008.. my birthday, and Amazon ended my fun with the following mail:

We're still trying to obtain the following item[s] you ordered on March 17 2008
22:31 PDT (Order# 002-7120322-XXXXXXXXXX).

   "Fred Equal Measure Measuring Cup" [Kitchen]
    Estimated ship date: 05/14/2008 - 05/29/2008

   "The Official Catholic Directory Anno Domini 2005 (Official
        Catholic Directory)" [Paperback]
    Estimated ship date: 05/01/2008

You have unique (and excellent, of course) taste, and this item is difficult
for us to get our hands on.