Just wasted 3 hours fighting with my mailman installation, which had, unnoticed to me, stopped processing any mail two weeks ago. It seemed to be either getting completly stuck on some messages in the outgoing mail queue -- strace and ltrace showed it was in some kind of tight loop processing their contents. So I solved that by removing some 900 of the 1000 queued messages (the ones that were messages about bounces, held messages, and spam), then it processed the rest of the actual important messages quite quickly.

I think I've had enough of mailman. The web user interface is great for letting nontechnical users admin their own mailing lists, but every time the package upgrades I seem to have to manually delete cruft out of the queue; the spamassassin integration sucks, it doesn't allow configuring it on a per-list basis; its mail archiving is sucky, especially its attachment handling; it seems to shunt random messages constantly for no apparent reason; mailing list admin is unending drudgery of processing mails that it thinks are spam; this is at least the third time in the past year that it's just died for no apparent reason; and in general it seems the be designed with the idea that there will be a human constantly in the loop babysitting things. Oh and it still defaults to sending stupid monthly password reminders in cleartext.

Guess I should try Enemies of Carlotta or something, ezmlm used to work fine w/o handholding back when I used qmail.