1. Dishwasher, by Pete Jordan
  2. Windfalls, by Jean Hegland
  3. River of Gods, by Ian McDonald
  4. Powers, by Le Guin
  5. Real World Haskell, by O'Sullivan, Goerzen, Stewart
  6. Matter, by Iain M. Banks
  7. Ars Magica, by Tweet & Rein Hagen

Nice set of books. Pity I'm in the middle of all of them.

Lately I have a hard time finishing many novels, I think because waiting for the plot to play out gets boring. Although River of Gods has mostly just confused me with too many viewpoint characters. And by this, where each box is a chapter, and that big box I'm just at the start of scares me:

Dishwasher is fun light reading. If I'd thought to bring it to its owner, Jay, who misplaced it, I could have picked it up from where I left off months ago and read it on the plane. Double oops. Oh well, there's always my next doctor or dentist appointment.

Powers is a probably great book by Le Guin. I hope there are many more to come, but the tendancy is to savor what's available. Also, I have it in dead tree edition, which I tend to save up for when I need them.

Windfalls is such a dead tree book, hibernating in the yurt for me to get back to them some day. I may have to start it over, since it's pretty involved, and rather out of my usual comfort zone.

Real World Haskell is coming along well, I hope.

Matter hasn't pulled me in yet, oddly.

Ars Magica I've been flipping through the PDF of idly.

Anyway, after all that, turning up a random story generator in 1 kilobyte of code couldn't help but feel like a relief.