When you say "Below the fold", do you mean that you hate RSS feeds that contain ledes or blurbs and not the full page? Or do you mean for blogs that make you click off the "main page" to read the rest of the entry? Also, why does that elicit such passion? --?EvanProdromou

In RSS feeds only. You should probably send the SASE for the full explanation of why it annoys me. :-) --Joey

OK. You do realize that full-text feeds are not the default configuration for many RSS generators, right? I mean, the standard was developed for ''summaries'', not for full-text distribution. There are plenty of other great standards for distributing full HTML files... like HTTP, for instance. Full-text feeds are nice if you're reading a blog in an RSS aggregator app, but who's got the time for that? Do you read feeds in an aggregator? Or is this specifically a Planet Debian thing? --?EvanProdromou