Backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository.

Available in Debian, or


version 1.20160522

github-backup 1.20160522 released with these changes

  • Work around git weirdness in handling of relative path to GIT_INDEX_FILE when in a subdirectory of the repository.
  • Various updates to internal git and utility libraries shared with git-annex.
  • debian: Add lintian overrides for rpath.
  • debian: Bump standards-version.
  • Makefile: Pass LDFLAGS, CFLAGS, and CPPFLAGS through ghc and on to ld, cc, and cpp. This lets the Debian package build with various hardening options. Although their benefit to a largely haskell program is unknown.
version 1.20160511

github-backup 1.20160511 released with these changes

  • Fix build with directory-
  • github-backup.cabal: Add Setup-Depends.
version 1.20160319

github-backup 1.20160319 released with these changes

  • Update to github-0.14.1. Building with old versions is not supported due to the massive API changes in this version of the github library.
  • Added support for oath tokens.