Backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository.

Available in Debian, or


version 1.20141222

github-backup 1.20141222 released with these changes

  • Added gitriddance(1), a utility to close all issues and pull requests, for repos that don't want to be bothered with GitHub's proprietary issue tracker.
  • gitriddance depends on github 0.13.1, which has bug fixes for posting comments.
  • Various updates to internal git and utility libraries shared with git-annex.
version 1.20141204

github-backup 1.20141204 released with these changes

  • Fix broken argument parser for the username|organization parameter. Closes: #772043
version 1.20141110

github-backup 1.20141110 released with these changes

  • Orphaned the Debian package. (I continue to maintain github-backup upstream.)