Backs up everything github knows about a repository, to the repository.

Available in Debian, or


version 1.20131203

github-backup 1.20131203 released with these changes

  • Now also backs up the repos a user has starred, when run with a user's name.
  • Now finds and backs up the parent repository that a repository got forked from.
  • Uses authentication for all API calls.
  • Fairer ordering of requests when backing up many repositories at once.
  • Avoid making requests for data that has already been backed up until after new data has been backed up. Handles API rate limiting much better. Closes: #723859
version 1.20131101

github-backup 1.20131101 released with these changes

  • Now also backs up the repos a user is watching, when run with a user's name. Useful if you want to back up repositories that you have not forked; just watch them and run github-backup.
  • Can now log in to github, to avoid increasingly small API rate limits. Set GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_PASSWORD environment to enable. Note that a few api calls don't use authentication; see
  • Build-Depend on git. Closes: #728481
  • Don't include tmp directory in files stored in the github branch.
version 1.20131006

github-backup 1.20131006 released with these changes

  • Ported to Windows.
  • Improve error message when it fails to query github for repositories belonging to a user. Closes: #705084
  • Various updates to internal git and utility libraries shared with git-annex.
  • Makefile now uses cabal to build.