This is my codewiki, a wiki for development stuff, design docs, and occasionally basic websites about my software.

Current focus

The stuff that's swapped into my local cache at the moment.

git-annex ikiwiki ikiwiki-hosting Debian debian-installer debhelper moreutils myrepos etckeeper mpdtoys tasksel debmirror github-backup propellor

Less active projects

In maintenance mode, or handled more by others, mostly, but I still have my hands in it somewhat.

alien debconf dpkg-repack Words2Nums pdmenu filters os-prober devscripts rootsync nslu2-utils jetring

Past projects

Still theoretically maintained by me, but new maintainers needed for continued life:


Passed on to others, or dead and buried:

shoop apt-src pentium-builder perlmoo TermStool base-config flashybrid satutils mooix wmbattery sleepd pristine-tar


Other stuff..

Kaxxt bin kong acpi sigprogs

If you want to keep up with new projects, WhatsNew is a feed of any new pages I add to this site, and grep aggregates my recent commits.

Also, Ohloh tracks and mines my commits to many projects for interesting metrics.

Here is a graph of Debian popcon stats for my newest projects. Here is a graph for my older, more-established projects, and here is a graph for my most popular projects. I assume popcon only reflects 1/10th to 1/100th or less of total users.