This is a collection of small toys and tools for doing various things to MPD (Music Player Daemon) from the command line. Some of them are very useful, while others are only amusing.

Some examples of things the mpdtoys can do include moving the playing song between different mpd daemons on different machines, storing the state of a mpd daemon and loading it back later, reversing the playlist, slowly fading volume up or down, stopping playback after the current song finishes, emulating a skipping record, and editing the playlist in a text editor.

The mpdtoys are available in git at git://, or in gitweb.


version 0.25

mpdtoys 0.25 released with these changes

  • Orphaned the Debian package.
version 0.24

mpdtoys 0.24 released with these changes

  • mprandomwalk: New toy to play random bits of all queued songs.
  • mpinsert: Add -p option to begin playing inserted songs. Closes: #608690
version 0.23

mpdtoys 0.23 released with these changes

  • mplength: New toy to print length of current playlist.
  • Updated to support change to how conntype is specified in Audio::MPD 1.092950