Lingua::EN::Words2Nums is a perl module that can parse a wide variety of English text and deduce the number it represents. For example, it can convert "five million, one thousand and sixteen" to 5001016, and "twenty-seventh" to 27.

Lingua::EN::Words2Nums is available from CPAN, is packaged for Debian in the liblingua-en-words2nums package, and has a git repository at git://


version 0.19

liblingua-en-words2nums-perl 0.19 released with these changes

  • Orphaning the Debian package.
version 0.18

liblingua-en-words2nums-perl 0.18 released with these changes

  • Remove the PM_FILTER to support Windows. ( #38101)
version 0.17

liblingua-en-words2nums-perl 0.17 released with these changes

  • Use debhelper v7; rules file minimisation.

The book Advanced Perl Programming has a section on using Lingua::EN::Words2Nums. I don't own the book so I've not been able to read the whole thing.