Perlmoo has been supersceded by mooix.

Perlmoo is a Lambdamoo-like moo, written and extensible in perl. For those of you who are new to moo-ing, a moo is a server for a virtual world, a computer program which users can log into and explore. Each user takes control of a computerized persona/avatar/incarnation/character. You can walk around, chat with other people, and even create your very own rooms, and items. Advanced users can extend perlmoo online by coding new commands in perl.

Why do this in perl? I like lambdamoo, but I'm not fond of its built in language and I wanted to be able to extend a moo using my favorite language, perl.

However, it turns out that it's very hard to run methods written in perl by untrusted users inside a perl process, even with Due to this and other problems, I have dropped development on perlmoo, and wrote mooix instead.

The source to perlmoo should be available somewhere in the attick of my svn repository, but I am not sure exactly where.