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Google and ikiwiki

Good idea!

I know you now have very little involvement in ikiwiki at all, but I’ve had a patch to implement ikiwiki’s search in terms of DuckDuckGo (rather than Google as it is now) sitting around since 2019, and if this is something that you find interesting I’d be grateful if you’d consider taking a look: - Jon

Comment by jon
Found you via Unsupervised Learning newsletter

Nice blog post. I think there a comeback somehow for the blogosphere although not as old days but we hope be better than that. Launching newsletter is cool nowadays even popular YouTubers launched their newsletter (example how money works channel has a free newsletter that sends the videos earlier to subscribers) and smartnonsense newsletter. I love using RSS tech and newsletter.

Will add your blog to my Yakread. Peace.

Comment by biz
just reading you by rss

Once I found you thanks to myrepos (very later - moreutils - special thanks for vidir) and since then I have been reading rss with pleasure. I hope you'll not close it :)

Search engines will evolve to something like a navigation system - maps, link directories, sailing directions.

Comment by fur_atts_news
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Google is just...creepy. I've also stopped caring about having my stuff indexed by them. I wish Neeva still existed.
Comment by paul
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Very close to this same idea has been independantly arrived at by

The main difference is they change the search paths in the binaries to be position-independant. This needs some linker scripting at build time.

Seems like a nice project. Also have to mention that many many git-annex users in odd situations have used my packages built this way for the past decade.

Comment by joey
Any USB cable? How to wire?

Thanks much for the tip on powering the Sheevaplug through USB. It'll come handy the day the PSU I've been using for years goes south — it happened with the original.

I know next to nothing about 'lectricity: 1. Do all USB cables have four wires? 2. How should connect them to the four-pin white part that plugs into the board? 3. Will any USB charger provide enough current (1A? 2A? More?)?

Thank you.

Comment by codecomplete
Zephyr copilot blog
Hi there - I am the public relations manager for the Zephyr Project. I discovered your zephyr copilot blog and was wondering if you would like us to re-run it on the Zephyr website. We often re-run blogs and videos from the dev community. you can read other blogs here: If this is approved, please send me an email at with your approval and link to the blog and video. Thanks!
Comment by maemalynn
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I have a copy somewhere but I'm sure the TOS has changed in the meantime.

It's Github's problem that they have a TOS that you automatically "accept" before you can see it. I am not going to try to help them fix that problem, beyond pointing it out.

Comment by joey
404 Link

The Link to "See also: PDF of Github TOS that can be read without being forced to first accept Github's TOS" is giving a 404 error.

Any copy of the document somewhere?

Comment by zoobab
Now there's an alternative:

A couple of free software have been developed since: uses WikiData and other sources to create an inventory of books. It's AGPL software. Developers are currently working on ActivityPub federation. Although the software is 7 years old already, it remains quite experimental, with a lot of attention to detail and a slow development pace.

While Inventaire is geared toward publishers, another free software is more inclined to serve the readers: bookwyrm. Bookwyrm also supports ActivityPub. Both projects are very complementary and I hope they will continue working in a complementary fashion, one towards professionals, the other towards readers and social features. They both have fantastic and welcoming communities. has good funding so far but bookwyrm could get some help.

Comment by how
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Forgot to mention that extensions can be enabled in the cabal file. Since Copilot operates on a per file basis, that will prevent it from realizing that an extension is needed by the code it absorbed.

Comment by joey
Speeding up process discovery

The shell will have started the processes close together in time, so the pids are probably nearby. So look at the previous pid, and the next pid, and fan outward.

The shell will have put all the processes of the pipeline into a single process group, so this can be sped up a bit more by calling getpgid() on a process before examining its fds.

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typed pipes in every shell

Wow, this is really clever!

I think the /proc dancing is a strong argument to implement "typed" as a shell command (in the shell itself), because otherwise performance will probably drop in shell scripts with a lot of simple calls.

Comment by pat_h
Finding the latest article...
% telnet 119
200 Leafnode NNTP Daemon, version 1.11.11 running at (my fqdn:
500 NEWNEWS is meaningless for this server

Would have been pretty useful though, for clearing your last challenge :-)

Comment by julien