Why do otherwise clused technical people set up web forums and not provide any way to read new posts to them except for loading up the forum in a web browser and using their clumsy interface? The most common forum software, phpbb, does have a RSS feed plugin or two, but I've never seen a forum that used them.

I asked jvw a while ago if he could set that up on at least forums.debian.net, which is really annoying to try to help people on with its current clumsy interface, but he said it was a PITA to install it, apparently it involved going in and editing it into the phpbb code. Bleh. Argh. Feh.

Right now, web forums are where BBSes were around 1985. Except with animated user-icons, and no ANSI. Perhaps the current crop of young forum users will finally grow up and someone will write the equivilant of QWK packets for them? Or perhaps I'm missing something, and the whole point of most forums is to wall themselves off from the larger 'net.