I turned this movie off because it became clear in the first few minutes that it was a very low budget movie shot in a hurry[1] with actors who reminded me of ones from not particularly awesome plays[2]. Then for some reason I went back to it.

And soon it got interesting. And then I got thuroughly sucked in. And then I was really sad that the storytelling was over. I think it's been a very long time since I was sad that a science fiction movie was over[3]. Maybe 1980?

This movie is set all in one room in a cabin, and has no higher technology in it than a cell phone, and yet it's amoung the top two purest peices of science fiction I've seen performed. And the lack of special effects, especially CGI[4], was a very nice change.

There's a good chance you'll not enjoy this movie, but I hope you get a chance to see it and find out. You won't find it in theaters, there's a DVD and it's on Netflix, or you can download it and paypal the director and cast a few bucks.

[1] In about a week as it turns out.
[2] Which is probably true of some of them. I only recognised one.
[3] Snip: silly-yet-true-analogy-between-typical-SF-movies-and-bags-of-potato-chips
[4] Snip: hating on most CGI