What tool do you suggest in place of dpatch?

I expect Joey means intelligent use of modern version control systems. His git-based source package format seems like a good way of doing that, at least on the surface. I'd like to try it, at some point, but we'll see. --liw

Joey, not affecting the source package has been one of my self-imposted restrictions in developing my script for building packages (Unperish). It just runs dpkg-buildpackage and other command as if you were running them yourself, but automates to process to make the it require less typing. I'd be interested in hearing your comments about it, if you have the time. --liw

I've been meaning to look at unperish. Main problem is that I think I've automated everything it does on my own -- but there's probably value for ditching my ad-hoc automation for a standard automation. (However, I also have automation for things like posting announcement pages to ikiwiki wikis to announce new releases..) Anyway, thanks for designing it sanely. :-)

And yes, your answer to the original question is right. I adovcate any patch management system that doesn't clutter up the shipped source package with patches. I think I'd even be ok with patch management systems that clutter up debian/patches/ with junk but ship the source with those patches pre-applied. So any of dpatch or quilt could probably be used, if used that way. Or a real revision control system. --Joey