beta4 release log

Friday          (Final deadline for release.)
11:10 am        All images from last night autobuilt except mipsel which
11:50 am        Told that os-prober fails on all modern windows systems
                due to an incorect priority of ntfs-modules. Overrides added.
12:15 pm        Fixed debootstrap udebs available for all broken
12:30 pm        Fixed debootstrap udebs moved directly from incoming to
                testing. Phear the ftp-master behind the curtain.
2:44 pm         mipsel build in the archive
4:30 pm     all CDs built successfully
4:45 pm     final check of i386 CD, looks good
4:50 pm     web site changes checked and committed
8:00 pm     web site updated
        sent out release announcement

I hope this rather unusual set of blog entries doesn't bother any aggregators. I need to reogranise my weblog to make this kind of thing excludable. Anyway, see the whole set here, and I hope that helps give some idea of what is currently involved in a d-i release.