beta4 release log

1 pm            Told that hppa fails to get to partitioner on netboot install.
2 pm            Hppa problem diagnosed to bad image build, affects other
                arches (?), new build started. Pending release cenceled.
7 pm            New build turns out to have idiotic mistake which fails to
                autobuild. Re-submitted with fix.
10:30 pm        Told that mips does not boot due to kernel bug.
10:40 pm        Dropped mips from main beta4 release, with the option
                to add it back in an update.
11 pm           Began keeping this log. Went back and added entries for
                stuff I could find.
3:35 am         New build accepted by ftp-master, begins autobuilding.
3:50 am         We learn that the makedev tty perms bug, thought to impact
                only unstable, has infected debootstrap.