I've always loathed cheap particle board and peg bookcases, and when I broke one while reorgaising the living room at the Hollow today, I finally found a good use for them. They're great fun to chop up with an axe, and make for a very hot fire in the stove later.

I released git-annex 0.03 today. The main improvements are being able to configure the backend to use on a per-extension basis in .gitattributes, a fsck subcommand that will find dangling annexed content, and bugfixes, including massive memory use savings. The big feature under development next is an idea Josh Triplett and I batted around; a way to checkout annexed files to edit their contents.

Today I also got the radio working well here. Set up a car radio with a 40 foot wire for an antenna, and I finally got it almost static free. Pity that running a nslu2 on the same power circuit causes interference, so I am not able to use that to feed in music via the radio's AUX jack yet, which is the eventual plan. And the radio's powered USB outlet is wasted, I had hoped to run the nslu2 from that. Seems I can run the radio for 9 hours and still have plenty of solar power, even this time of year.

Wish it were colder..